If we, as christian leaders, want to be taken seriously, get a job, or get married, we should use wisdom before posting on social media. I’ve seen many limit themselves because of what they post, share, like, etc. 

A few thoughts to live by:

  • Don’t post when emotional, especially when you’re thirsty…

  • Don’t post a political rant. With a single post (many times uneducated), you’ll split your influence.

  • Don’t post a rebuke of someone or a group of people, especially if you’ve never sat down with them and looked into their eyes.

  • Don’t post judgmental thoughts, especially advice, about seats you’ve never sat in.

Remember, someone’s perception of you is their reality of you. I’m not saying for us not to be authentic. We must use wisdom. A post is kind of like that outfit we have to think twice whether we should wear or not. If there’s hesitancy, it’s probably not best. And we must remember, once it’s out there, we’re not getting it back. 

Questions to ask:

  • How can this be perceived? Will I be misunderstood?

  • Is this edifying anyone or does it just make me feel better?

  • Is this truthful or is this content just based on someone else’s post?

  • Would I say this to someones face?

The deeper issue is, of course, the heart. Your statuses are but an overflow of what’s within. Yes, Jesus was always after the heart-issue, but for now I’m issuing a 911 call to our feeds. Let’s pause and think for a moment. If we want to be taken seriously, our impulses must be subject to our discernment.

With love and from someone who has gotten this wrong before,