This is not a blog on death, but life.

Rest is something I’ve been learning for years. I know, like everyone else in their recent post. In a hustle/grind/network world, rest takes work.

It’s liberating to remind myself that God can do much more with my 6 than I can with my 7. It’s good in theory but better in practice. I would believe it and teach it, but struggled for a long time to live it.

Years ago I would live with the mantra that I’ll rest when I’m dead. That’s ridiculous. All it did was put me in the ER in one season and fight depression in another. It caused me to be self dependent. If you made it happen in your strength, you must use that same finite strength to sustain it. It’s exhausting and unnecessary but when you trust God and lean on His ability, He will surpass your expectations and you’ll be rested. And that’s amazing.

Just like we schedule everything else and stick to it, schedule a day. Make a pit stop and do something that fuels you.

Some may say it’s not possible because you’re owned by your schedule. I get it. I used to say that, as well. I’ve also heard many complex situations where it’s tough to have a day of rest. We have what we allow. My advice is to get counsel on time-management and priorities. Get a game plan and set goals to simplify your calendars. It’s possible. It’s worth it.

Here’s to us learning how to rest…in peace. ☕️ 📖 🙏

Much love, TW