“Tree down.”

These are the two words I texted my dad when I got home from a friends house years ago. The large tree in our front yard had fallen because of the wind from a storm. The roots just didn’t go deep enough.

Right now there is a lot of pressure from the wind. We’re all feeling it. We must be intentional in building personal depth with The Lord. I think about the Apostle Paul when he said, “I know where I’m going there will be trouble, trials, and tribulation but none of these things move me. He also said that no matter what, he could make it through all things with Christ who is his strength.


  1. Prayer – Prayer is breath. Feel like you’re suffocating? Pray. Have a time and place to meet with Him.

  2. Worship – It keeps everything in the right perspective. It reminds us that He’s still on the throne. 

  3. Word – Consume it. Meditate on it. It’s our sustenance.

As basic as they are, they’re vital.

Let’s dig. We’re stronger than a storm.

Much love. – TW