Here are a few things I wish I would’ve known better in the beginning:

  • Family first. Always.

  • Get covered by a pastor – someone that has gone before you.

  • Serve another mans vision.

  • Serve another man’s vision.

  • Make your dreams known to them, submit, and let them develop you.

  • Stay faithful serving at church.

  • Don’t believe the lie that you have to hustle it. Grind in the area of prayer, submission, and study.

  • Don’t awaken purpose before it’s time. Find contentment in staying hidden in plain sight. When you’re found faithful there, God will move your position in His timing (which is ALWAYS better).

  • It’s okay to steward your own soul well.

  • Keep your head down and build something. Build what’s/who’s right in front of you. Honor the season that you’re in. Be faithful with little.

  • Develop your gift, but your character all the more.

  • It’s not about us.

  • Preaching is the least rewarding part. (as in, a mic in your hand on a stage isn’t as cool as it seems. There are much richer things to the call.)

  • Stay more in love with Jesus than the call.

  • Be yourself. Please.

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