Here’s a quick thought…

All actions/fruit (manifestation) are preceded by your thoughts (meditation). Your thoughts are determined by what you look at (observe). What you look at (or listen to) is a seed. It’s interesting how we hate the fruit but love the seed.

Observation = Seed Offered
Meditation = Seed Planted
Manifestation = Seed Harvested

David didn’t lose it because he “saw” Bathsheba. He lost it when he “looked again”. He accepted the offered seed in his mind.

What are you looking at?

Before the prodigal son has prodigal manifestation, he had prodigal eyes leading to prodigal meditation. Nobody just wakes up and decides to lose their mind. It begins somewhere. 

Again, what are you looking at? Get your mind back!

“Prodigal” = “Without confines/restraint/boundaries/control

See right, think right. Think right, live right.

Much love,