While the calendar year is different when we awoke, we are likely the same. At least for now.

The changing of the year does not change what is broken or incomplete personally (or in our society, for that matter). It seems as if sometimes we believe that change will just magically happen. As if one sleep suddenly washes away our problems, pain, poor mindsets, lack of integrity, and compromises. It is only when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change will a difference occur. I’ve, far too many times, relied on personal change to be automatic as if it’s just going to happen in time with no collaboration and intentionality on my behalf. Personal change requires action. Always.

More than anything, the change we need in 2021 is within.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe there something significant about a year turning. That is, if we seize the moment. It provides a unique opportunity for a fresh start via the position it puts us in to stop, focus, and plan what changes we need to make. Even The Lord finds value in a new year so much that He started the year over in Exodus 12!

Here are a few things I do in this season:

  1. Get a word – Seek God for an overarching focus/theme for the year. For me, it’s been words like “Recalibration”, “Minimize To Maximize”, “Double-Down”, “Rhythm”, and so forth.

  2. Get a vision – Knowing where you want to go /what you want to accomplish is vital. (aka goals)

  3. Get a plan – Goals without a plan are just unreached fantasies. Do our calendars reflect our word and vision? I love to ask myself, “What does it look like on Monday morning?”.

  4. Get accountability – Find someone who you share such items with and give them permission to check in on you periodically.

With each step saturated in prayer, The Lord will show us. And remember, He wants us to prosper more than we could ever desire to.

So… New year, new you? It’s up to you.

For His glory,