As a leader, communication is vital.

When it comes to our teams, we can’t assume that they know what we expect at all times. When we assume this and someone doesn’t meet our expectation, is it really on them? Or is it on us, as leaders? We always want to set our team up for success and enjoyment as much as we can. There are four items that we must be clear about.

  1. When to be there : “Around 6” isn’t it. It must be exact. “The call-time is 6:00p”

  2. Where to go : “On campus” isn’t it. It must be exact. “In the west-side café by the bar”

  3. What to do : “You got this” isn’t it. It must be exact.

  4. When to leave : Is it after they fulfill their tasks? Is it after the event? If so, when is “after”?

Your teams will be much more fulfilled if they have clear expectations. We should desire this! They’ll have more respect for you as their leader, as well. If we communicate these items clearly, the goal of the evening is reached and everybody wins.

Be blessed,